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Prenatal diagnosis

Prenatal diagnosis consists of investigations, invasive or non-invasive, allowing monitoring of the health of the fetus during pregnancy in order…

Postnatal diagnosis

The aim of postnatal diagnosis is to verify the presence of possible chromosomal abnormalities that can be associated with a…

Familiar segregations

Establishing the source of genomic alterations is important to define the pathogenetic significance and to determine more accurately the risk…

Research & Development

The Research and Development division formulates multidisciplinary projects: the objective is the implementation of new diagnostic methods, the optimization of…

Advanced Genomic Solutions

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Microgenomics is a genetic testing laboratory which arose with the aim of creating a highly specialized diagnostics centre in order to provide molecular investigations based on microarray technology for the study and diagnosis of genetic diseases. Specialists…

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Quality policy

The principal aim of Microgenomics laboratory is to provide high quality diagnostic services combining the most innovative technologies. Microgenomics wants to ensure customer satisfaction and improve  quality. Microgenomics laboratory is chartered on the Registro Regionale…

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Microgenomics Company pays great attention to its customer information requirements. In this section you can find forms, to apply for exams or to send biological samples, detailed brochures and our Public Services Charter.

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News from Microgenomics


Christmas period schedule

1 Dec , 2014

We wish to inform that Microgenomics laboratory  WILL BE OPEN ALL DECEMBER without change of schedule, while it will be closed on January 2 and 5, 2015;…

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