The introduction of arrays in prenatal diagnosis: a special challenge.

16 apr , 2012 News dal Mondo

Source: Medical Genetics, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy.


Vetro A, Bouman K, Hastings R, McMullan DJ, Vermeesch JR, Miller K, Sikkema-Raddatz B, Ledbetter DH, Zuffardi O, van Ravenswaaij-Arts CM.


Genome-wide arrays are rapidly replacing conventional karyotyping in postnatal cytogenetic diagnostics and there is a growing request for arrays in the prenatal setting. Several studies have documented 1-3% additional abnormal findings in prenatal diagnosis with arrays compared to conventional karyotyping. A recent meta-analysis demonstrated that 5.2% extra diagnoses can be expected in fetuses with ultrasound abnormalities. However, no consensus exists as to whether the use of genome-wide arrays should be restricted to …continua a leggere!

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