List of pathologies – MicrogenChip 60K

8 Jan , 2014 Download

Array-CGH analysis in prenatal diagnosis can detect possible genomic alterations in a fetus. The test uses DNA obtained from amniotic fluid or CVS to investigate the whole genome in a single test.

Prenatal array-CGH guarantees a much higher sensitivity allowing to detect CNVs that would go undetected with the conventional karyotyping. Array-CGH does not need cell cultures. This allows a reduction of the analysis turnaround time to 3-5 days.

The MicrogenChip 60K and MicrogenChip 60K CGH+SNP arrays have been specifically designed for the application of molecular karyotype in prenatal diagnosis. These platforms are continuously updated with new disease genes in order to improve the sensitivity of the array-CGH analysis.

Below we provide a detailed brochure with a list of the diseases investigated by the MicrogenChip 60K platform.

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