Microgenomics and European quality control!

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Microgenomics and European quality control!

In 2015 Microgenomics Laboratory has scheduled its External Quality Control on the highest European quality standards.

Lab staff take part in Scheme CEQA Microarray, the quality program for the CGH-Array analysis promoted by CEQA, the Cytogenetic European Quality Assessment.

New this year is that checks were carried out both in postnatal and  in prenatal analysis.

Scheme CEQA Microarray aims to check the quality of the analysis.

In December 2015 our laboratory has received the results relating to the monitoring of the analysis in the postnatal period: Microgenomics has achieved excellent results, winning the assessment “satisfactory performance“. In January 2016 we had also received the results of the pilot control of the analysis in prenatal period, getting the highest rating: 12/12.

For more information on the European quality ratings visit the official website of the CEQA!

The result of the External Quality Controls, according to Lab Policy and Internal Quality Controls, is designed to ensure our customers a high standard of services and maximum reliability of the analysis.

Learn more about our Quality Policy!

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