Microgenomics & AILI

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Microgenomics & AILI

From today the  Microgenomics laboratory collaborates with the Italian Lacto-Intolerant Association – AILI. Through this partnership AILI members will perform the genetic test for lactose intolerance at a discounted price.

Microgenomics created a box with everything you need to make a buccal swab comfortably at home. By filling in the attached forms and specifying the number of AILI membership card, you can buy the test at an advantageous price.

Discover how easy it is to use our sample collection kit!

For further information visit our dedicated website or contact us to request the box!



AILI Onlus Italian Lacto-Intolerant Association was founded in May 2013 with the aim of helping, protecting and informing the lactose intolerant people.

AILI purpose is to allow lactose intolerant people to live their lives serenely, without the need to feel “different”. AILI wants to grow civic sense and social attention, raising awareness and spreading the knowledge of intolerance.

AILI organizes many interesting projects. Learn more visiting the Association website.


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