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Check if you are a carrier of one or more inherited genetic conditions.

HORIZON® Carrier Test allows you to make more informed reproductive decision.

What is HORIZON®

HORIZON® carrier screening is a simple test that checks to see if you are a carrier of one or more autosomal recessive or X-linked genetic conditions. Many people do not know they are carrier of an inherited genetic condition until they have an affected child. A carrier is usually healthy, but they have a risk of having a child affected with a specific condition.

HORIZON® Carrier Test can help you and your partner to know your risk of having a child affected by an inherited genetic disease.

You can have HORIZON® Carrier Test before or during pregnancy.

What does it mean to be a carrier?

A carrier of a genetic condition is someone who has a change (mutation) in one gene copy of a pair of genes. A carrier is usually healthy because the other copy of the genes works normally. Carriers do, however, have a risk of having a child affected with a specific condition.

The prenatal genetic path at Microgenomics laboratory - Screening and diagnostic prenatal tests before and during pregnancy

HORIZON® Carrier Test is available in 5 screening panels and can screens for up to 274 genetic conditions.

For full HORIZON® panels available or other information please refer to our brochure

HORIZON® Carrier Test

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