ONCOCheck – Hereditary Cancer

ONCOCheck Hereditary Cancer-Tumori Ereditari

ONCOCheck Hereditary Cancer is a genetic test designed to define genetic causes in individuals who have developed a cancerous pathology, or to define the risk of developing the disease.

Knowing the genetic risk of a patient is important in order to implement the best surveillance and prevention measures.

ONCOCheck Hereditary Cancer provides the most useful information for better framing patient’s pathology and for a broad overview of all the genes associated with hereditary cancer: using targeted tests may lose some information that could be very useful for patient’s health.

Microgenomics laboratory genetic test analises 27 genes associated with the most common hereditary tumors, such as breast and ovarian cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer and many more.

ONCOCheck Hereditary Cancer-Tumori Ereditari


TECHNOLOGY USEDNGS – Next Generation Sequencing


REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: physician requesting form and the informed consent to perform the genetic test signed by the patient.


For further information about collection and shipment of samples, and to receive analysis application forms or other clarifications contact us.