ONCOCheck – Solid Tumor



ONCOCheck Solid Tumor is a molecular analysis for the identification of SNVs and CNAs in frequently mutated genes in solid tumors.

The test is designed using frequently occurring mutations (hotspots) in 26 genes.

ONCOCheck Solid Tumor focuses on actionable hotspot mutations in a wide variety of solid tumors: this means they have either therapeutic or prognostic value for different solid tumors, enabling a personalized medicine approach.

Gene panel, targeted region and clinical relevance:

ONCOCheck Solid Tumor-Tumori Solidi


TECHNOLOGY USEDNGS – Next Generation Sequencing

BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE: formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE sample), fresh frozen tissue (FFT sample)

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: physician requesting form and the informed consent to perform the genetic test signed by the patient.


For further information about collection and shipment of samples, and to receive analysis application forms or other clarifications contact us.