Company profile

Microgenomics is a genetic testing laboratory which began with the aim of creating a highly specialized diagnostic centre to provide molecular investigations for the study and the diagnosis of genetic diseases.

Thanks to the know-how and the experience acquired in the academic context, the operators of the Microgenomics laboratory are considered leading experts in the fields of molecular cytogenetics, genomics and microarray analysis both in Italy and abroad, as shown by the numerous publications in major scientific journals and the lectures on invitation at the most prestigious international scientific conferences on genetics.

Since 2010, Microgenomics genetics laboratory has become a landmark in the domestic and international healthcare sector offering services for prenatal and postnatal investigations, and oncological diagnostics. Professionals working in the laboratory have been involved for years in genomic-based microarray for the study of mental retardation, polymalformative syndromes, tumours and neurological disorders such as autism and epilepsy.

Microgenomics gives you the possibility to perform DNA investigations using Array-CGH platforms (whole-genome or customized), specifically designed for particular applications such as the analysis of specific genomic regions, genetic test based on PCR or Real Time PCR, the innovative NGS (Next Generation Sequencing).

The genetic testing laboratory considers research and development an essential element s towards its aim of excellence in quality. It promotes scientific research with the aim of improving knowledge about the causes of genetic diseases and of developing increasingly more accurate and effective diagnostic tests.

The Research & Development division formulates multidisciplinary projects: the objective is the implementation of new diagnostic methods, the optimization of those in use and the monitoring of diagnostic results according to specific diseases. The purpose is to maintain the structure at high scientific levels and ensure its users the most modern diagnostic/prognostic approaches.

The R&D division creates a well-structured diversification of services, one of the most comprehensive in the country, which offers patients  more innovative diagnostic solutions, able to provide complete answers to most of the diagnostic needs emerging.