Microgenomics core business mission is to provide services for genetic investigations for hospitals, which are lacking in technologies and necessary technical knowledge to provide genetic investigations.

The aim of Microgenomics is to provide high quality diagnostic services combining the most innovative technologies, the expertise and professionalism provided by experienced specialists in the field of genetics.

Other purposes are:

  • to improve our instrumental efficiency
  • to update our exams list and to hold down reporting time
  • to bring our instrumentation up to date in relation to technological developments
  • to improve quality: services performed by Microgenomics laboratory go through rigorous quality controls to ensure quick and secure investigations in order to pay special attention to customer satisfaction
  • to train and retrain our staff in order to always be up to date with the latest technology

Microgenomics also promotes scientific research with the aim of improving knowledge of the causes of genetic diseases and of developing increasingly more accurate and effective diagnostic tests.